Bunker has worked together with Condè Nast Italia for the past few years to develop their digital projects. Our task is to transform in HTML, CSS and Java Script formats the graphic projects developed by Barbara Corti and her creative team, and make sure that everything works correctly with every browser, on computers, smartphones, and tablets.

In this case, we’ve created a single-page application that allows a smooth and immersive navigation in over 600 issues of Vogue, all sorted by year and theme. The resulting experience resembles much more a tablet app than a traditional website: readers can seamlessly browse over 200 thousand pages, navigating with keywords and suggestions from Vogue editors.

Our job lay at the intersection between back-end and front-end development; the whole app was built using JavaScript, with cloud data synch based on Backbone.

We designed the overall experience to adapt to various browser sizes, both on computers and tablets, as well as for the large touch screens that were used during the exhibition organized for the product launch.